About Us

We produce the best quality fruits from sustainably sourced productions from different countries and make them arrive thorough Europe.

Social responsibility remains a cornerstone for us, as we want to transform the fruit world through better agriculture, packaging & transport practices.

We manage two product lines, both with the highest-quality standards: PREMIUM & DELUXE. Find out more in our products section.

Our Values




Social Responsibility


Customer Service

Our Work Process


We Produce

We work with fruit producers and manage our own productions to obtain the best quality fruit with the greatest possible sustainability. We encourage them to achieve certifications supporting quality from our processes’ beginning. We accompany them in each step, from the land’s preparation to the product’s packaging.


We Import

We take care of bringing the fruits to Europe. With our experience, our clients will not have to worry about documents, certificates, transport, etc., since the products arrive at our warehouse.


We Store

We stock the products. Together with our partners, we take care that the fruit is at the correct temperature and handled properly.


We Pack

10kg boxes or 3-piece nets? Don’t worry, we pack according to your needs. In alliance with FRESHLAND FOODPACKING we offer different solutions for your needs.


We Deliver

We could make the fruit arrive in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time. We can deliver in your platforms and/or distribution centres ALL OVER EUROPE (ask for this services).


We Share

We want to make people more conscious about a healthy lifestyle, but also support new exporters, that’s why we share different types of content on our social media and website!